Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wolf of My Heart

Interviewer: Today, I have three Weres with me: Jonah Killebrew, Brody Anderson, and Rhyan Knox, all from Linda Palmer's werewolf series, Wolf of My Heart, available from Wild Horse Press. Hi, guys. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jonah: Should I go first? Okay. I'm currently attending college in Birmingham. I live with my mom and my step-dad, Harlan Hawkes, a cheesy magician she barely knows. We fight a lot...I mean me and Harlan do. Mom's pretty much a walking, talking Barbie doll at the moment. He wants me to move into a dorm, but I won't. Not while Mom's under his thumb. I think he put some kind of spell on her and I can't leave her alone with him. My real dad ran out on us when I was just a kid, so he's no help.

Brody: Guess I'm next. I live in Wolf-Run, Tennessee in an apartment house. I'm working on getting my GED since something happened when I was in high school, and I never graduated. My mom's a psychic with a hotline and a web page--the real deal. I haven't seen her in almost two years, but I know she knows I'm okay. Don't want to talk about my dad.

Rhyan: I'm originally from Louisiana, but I'm currently in Colorado, trying to get some help from a Quantauk shaman. I didn't graduate from high school, either. Same reason as Brody. I plan to get my GED when I...well...get my life together again. I'm hoping that will be soon so I can see my folks and my little sister. It's been over two years, and I really miss them.

Interviewer: I'm so sorry. That has to be hard. How did you guys become Weres, anyway? Uh-oh. I'm seeing a lot of exchanged looks. What happened?

Rhyan: A creep whose name we can't reveal is the reason we're all howling at the moon. He's a Palatine, which is a kind of Were assassin. That means he can legally kill us as far as the supernatural world is concerned. But the sups don't know the whole story.

Brody: I should tell you that none of us want to be Weres. We were recruited and bitten against our wills, and now we're all trying to deal with it.

Interviewer: Wow. Do you encounter prejudice from other shifters? Especially the ones who want to shift?

Jonah: I haven't. But then the Weres I hang with are all mostly in the same mess as me.

Brody: Ditto, though I actually have a few friends who like shifting.

Rhyan: My situation is a little different. I'm having to deal with Weres who had to walk what the Quantauk tribe calls the Wolf-Way to get to be wolves. They don't like me much at all. I think it's a pack thing. Or maybe it's because I was bitten. Anyway, I'm definitely an outsider even though I'm one-quarter Quantauk.

Interviewer: What’s the greatest challenge to being a werewolf?

Jonah: If I could just be a wolf now and then, I think I could handle it. But the three of us are in a really weird situation. We're sort of in a gang, and our leader makes us do things--

Brody: Illegal things.

Jonah: Yeah, and he also threatens to harm our girlfriends and our families if we don't cooperate.

Rhyan: So this hasn't been a fun experience for any of us.

Interviewer: How does the moon affect you?

Rhyan: When there's a full moon, we can shift into wolves and then shift right back into humans at will. If we shift any other time, there's a delay in the shift from wolf back to human. We think it has something to do with being turned with a bite.

Interviewer: Do you guys have girlfriends? Oh. I see some grins. All of you?

Jonah: I sure do. Her name is Andee Rivera, and she's a witch. She took me in when I was bitten and left for dead. I'm hoping she can help me get rid of this curse, so I can get the pack leader off my back and save my mom from Harlan.

Brody: My girlfriend is Cassiday Norris. I met her at my GED prep class. Though I knew I should stay clear so she wouldn't get involved in my problems, I just couldn't. So some bad guys kidnapped her. It was really sticky for a while there.

Rhyan: I'm in love with Tehya Crane. It was one of those love at first sight things.

Jonah: Awww.

Rhyan: Would you shut the ef up? It happens. "Chief," that's her grandpa, is the shaman I'm hoping will help me get my life back to normal. Teyha has some magical powers that she's keeping from him because she doesn't want to be tied to the res forever. What's ironic about us, is that I don't want to be a Were, but she'd love to be one. Unfortunately, tradition states that only Quantauk guys can walk the Wolf-Way.

Interviewer: How did you meet your author?

Brody: I met Linda Palmer in Arkansas, where she lives. I was there on a job for Titus. She seemed have an open mind about stuff like Weres, which drew me in. I wound up telling her my story. She wanted the world to read the truth.

Rhyan: Brody put her in touch with the rest of us.

Jonah: That's right.

Interviewer: What’s she like?

Jonah: She's unexpectedly funny and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Plus she's fascinated with anything that goes bump in the night. You should check out her website. I think it's www.lvpalmer.com. Is that right?

Brody: I think so. Yeah.

Interviewer: Does she run around with other characters?

Rhyan: Sure. Psychics, witches, ghosts, Weres and even a Were-jaguar.

Interviewer: Anything you guys would like to add?

Jonah: Our stories are very different because none of us wanted to be Weres. I think you'll find them interesting. Mine is My-Wolf.

Brody: I agree. My story is called Wolf-Way. We've been through some heavy stuff, and Linda didn't pull any punches when she wrote about us.

Rhyan: My book is Wolf-Way. You should give them all a read. You can get them from www.the-wild-horse-press.com, www.allromanceebooks.com, and www.Amazon.com plus some other places.

Brody: How do you remember that kind of stuff, dude?

Rhyan: I pay attention.

Interviewer: Thanks, guys. It's been a lot of fun talking to you.

Brody, Rhyan, Jonah: Thanks for listening.

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  1. Very interesting....A group of diverse men and homeboy from the great state of Louisiana (my home state).