Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dangerous Love's Dirk and Ladislav Are Here in Person

1. Hi Gentlemen, would you please tell us a little bit about yourselves.
D: I'm Dirk, he's Ladislav.
K: You don't strike me as the shy types, so how about a bit more info?
L: You're a witch.
K: Yes, is that a problem? You're a vampire.
L: Not as long as you mind your manners.
M: Ladislav, you're a guest. Park your attitude someplace in a cave and play nice. Sorry, Kate.
D: I'm the Master Prophet, Dirk. In the afterlife I'm a shape shifter and the leader of the Prophets. We are created accidentally when our careless vampire buds bite somebody and afterward, the human accidentally dies.
L: Bite me, Dirk. Those happy accidents keep your flock growing and give you something to do all day.
D: Don't quit your day job, Ladislav. Stand up comedians are a dime a dozen.
K: Okay, now that we've established Dirk's identity, how about your day job, Ladislav?
L: I am Ladislav Husek, the Ancient One, the leader of the vampire nation. We are the most powerful and largest legion of creatures in the afterworld.
K: No wonder Margie wanted safety measures around you. Do you like my copper bracelet?
L: Killjoy.

2. How do you know each other?
D: We have worked together about two hundred years, but who's counting? Prophets don't have a status in the afterlife and it really sucks. We're immortal but we aren't vampires, were, witches, faeries or any of those creatures. We enjoy creating mayhem and pain in defenseless humans as stress-relievers. We do a lot of work for vampires because they're busy doing vampire stuff.
L: Vampire stuff? Seriously, Dirk, you'd be bored out of your skull if we didn't funnel all these assignments your way. Vampires are normally quite peaceful creatures, but we have our issues. Rebels must be dealt with and there are vampires, like Wade Kairos, that can't seem to follow vampire law.
D: Did you have to bring his name up?
L: It's all over the book. It's not like he's a spoiler…although that ass Christophe spoiled him.
M: Ladislav, it's not nice to speak poorly of other characters.
L: When was the last time you had an attitude adjustment, Churchy, cuz you are really getting under my fangs.
M: You'd like that, but all I have to do is press the delete key and you're toast.
K: I think that's two rounds for Margie. What? Don't look at me that way, Ladislav or I'll cast a spell and rot your fangs.
D: Good one, Kate. I'd like to see that. Now we're getting somewhere.
M: Enough. As you can tell Kate, there's a huge amount of rivalry between Dirk and Ladislav. Dirk's flock is much smaller than Ladislav's nation, but they have a symbiotic relationship. It's strange but symbiotic nonetheless.

3. How do you deal with inefficient employees?
L: We kill them.
M: Nice, eh?
L: Here we go again. Don't you have a rosary to pray or something? Kate, darling, we don't have any of those human emotions or boundaries. If a vamp is out of line and can't be easily convinced to behave, we exterminate them. Simple. Why waste time trying to rehabilitate a creature that doesn't give a rat's butt about anything but where they're going to get their next pint of blood?
D: And we help Ladislav's Sergeant at Arms deliver the punishment. It's very rewarding work…. we enjoy it…it's fun…a creative way to spend eternity.
M: Dirk, are you done?
D: What? Is it a crime to enjoy your job? You do, hell you are always banging on that keyboard.

4. Speaking of that, how did you meet your author?
D: In a remedial writing class.
K: You have a crazy sense of humor, Dirk. But really, how did you meet?
L: Wade dragged her along to pick up a death certificate one day. Just showed up with her at my home in Brno. My life has been a public spectacle ever since. She's dragged me to more of these interviews and blogs than maggots on a corpse.
M: Geez, thanks Ladislav. I enjoy spending time with you, too, you freaking insomniac. How would you like me to . . . never mind.
K: Alrighty then, Dirk? How did you meet Margie?
D: Ladislav was having a little fun in a bar in Prague and needed my help. She was lurking. After that, she's pretty much followed me everywhere, too. Let me tell you, it's not good for my image to have a woman with her last name hanging around. Not good at all. In fact, Kate, I'll volunteer to do some favors for your witches if you take care of her for awhile.
K: Ahem, that would be a tall glass of wrong.
L: Another one. Geez, Churchy, don't you have any even half-evil friends?
M: Just you two.
5. How can readers find out more about you and maybe buy your books?
M: There are excerpts of Love Bites on the Noble Romance's website, on my blog, Romance With Sass:  (check out an Interview with a Vampire), and on my website: . You can also read reviews on my website. The book is available from Noble Romance and from Amazon (Amazon-UK), All Romance Ebooks, OmniLit, pretty much any large Ebook retailer.
The sequel: Dangerous Love, is going to be out November 22 from Noble Romance. And the third book: Redemptive Love is in the pre-writing stages.
L: That means she's thinking about it.
M: Yes it does.
L: And can my picture be on the cover of Dangerous Love since I pretty much own the book? M: I'll talk to the artist, Fiona, about that and see what Wade and Jui think.
L: The place is full of killjoys. Dirk, I think we need to go make some of our own brand of fun.
M: Just be back in time for the release, boys.
D: Whatever.
K: Nice guys.
M: Ya think?
K: Not so much.


  1. Thanks for hosting my merry band of evil, Kate. They had a good time. I'm glad you survived. LOL


  2. Fun interview. Thanks for making me smile today. I seriously need to get a copy of Love Bites.

    The other Margie

  3. I'm just happy I got to keep the copper bracelet! It's very pretty.

  4. LOL, you crack me up Margie. Laddy's most fun when he's crabby und you have a way of getting him there. Would love to hang out in this bar in Prague with you just to tick those two of ;-)

  5. Ah, Margie? Go on girl...Ebooks download right now. :-) I hope you enjoy the book.

    Shhhhhh Kate - or everyone will want one!

    Thx, Kathrin. I've had a lot of fun playing with these two and there's one more book to go. It would be fun to meet in Prague. There's some cool scenes in Dangerous Love that happen in Prague.