Monday, October 4, 2010

Welcome Kya from Kya's King

1. Hi, it’s good to meet you...uh, wait…my notes have conflicting information here. Is it Hannah or Kya?

I’m Hannah Hall, but I recently found out my birth name is Kya. You can call me whichever you prefer.

2. All right then, Kya, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Let’s see. I was abandoned on the steps of a church at three years old and raised by my adoptive parents until they died in a car crash when I turned sixteen. I lived in a group home until a couple years ago when I moved to live and work at an animal sanctuary. The people at the sanctuary have claimed me as family, but I still long for something that is missing in my life. I want to study veterinary medicine, but Ja, this hottie with green eyes and long dark hair who showed up on my doorstep one night, says I have a responsibility to my clan. I am not so sure I agree. After all they abandoned me. I didn’t run way. I may have found a connection in him but I am not sure yet.

3. Do you know other types of shifters?

You believe in shifters too? That’s sort of funny. Ja claims I can shift to a wild cat, but seriously, that’s a bit incredible for me to absorb at this point. The sanctuary where I live has rumors of werewolves, ghosts, and even bigfoot, but I believe those stories about as much as I believe I can change. Ja is a gorgeous man, but I can’t imagine that he can change into a sleek, black panther anymore than the boys at the sanctuary can turn into giant wolves. The whole thing is too odd for me to wrap my head around.

4. What’s the greatest challenge to being a shifter?

I have no idea. If I had to answer that, I would guess the whole no pockets thing would be an enormous drawback. I never thought about it much, but animals don’t have anywhere to carry a wallet. So if a shifter starts a journey in animal form, I would guess they could wind up naked without even a credit card to use to buy knew clothes. Of course strolling through a town to pick up a few things could be a downer as well. Yep, no pockets would definitely suck.

5. How did you meet your author?

Becca showed up at the sanctuary one day. Apparently, she and her husband had found a sick golden eagle in a pasture near their home and were looking for someplace that would help rehabilitate it and release it. They had the giant bird in an outbuilding on their property for a couple weeks before someone told them about us. We thought at first that the eagle had lead poisoning and would not be able to return to the wild, but thankfully we were wrong. The bird snapped out of it about the third week that it was with us, and we released it a month later. Becca stopped by frequently to visit with Lady Guinevere until we set the eagle free one beautiful fall morning. It was lovely.

6. What’s she like?

I am not sure how to answer that. Becca is a little odd. She is passionate about weird things like alternative schools and baking. Strange combo, huh? She bakes cakes and cheesecakes for her friends and family and tries to make them as cool as possible. She made one of my brothers a full-on replica of his red bass guitar for his birthday and she made a giant Coor’s Lite can for a friend’s fortieth birthday. Both turned out really cool. She tries to see the positive in every situation and arbores confrontation so will avoid it if she can. She’s not always good at that though, but you have to give her partial credit for effort.

7. How can readers reach your author and buy your book?

Becca is pretty easy to find on Facebook. She also runs a blog that she tries to keep up regularly.

My story is called Kya’s King and will be released soon through Decadent.

8. Anything you’d like to add?

Becca is guest blogging with Got Romance Reviews on Oct. 23. She is talking about why people are drawn to paranormal. Check it out if you get time. She also has a recent release from the Wild Rose Press called Surrender at Sea that is about an entirely different kind of cougar and a holiday release coming soon from TWRP called Jingle All the Way. I know she adores hearing from fans and fellow authors so if you get a chance look her up on facebook or stop by her blog.


  1. OMG I love this interview! This is sooo fantastic! Great interview Kyra!

  2. I thank you on Kya's behalf, Abigail. She's expecting and a little out of sorts today.

  3. Alternative Schools and Baking cheesecakes? lol. Kya sounds fabulous! Great interview!