Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our guest today is Lyon Savage, Alpha Jaguar from Under A Shifter's Moon

1. Hi, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Lyon Savage. I'm the Alpha of the Jaguar Pride in Los Angeles. My twin brother is Alpha of his own Pride, outside L.A. My truemate, my wife, is Kitlene, a human woman with Jaguar DNA. We have two beautiful twins: Carolene and Blade. Blade will one day be our Pride's Alpha –and it's very salvation.

2. Do you know other types of shifters?
L.A. –as well as the rest of the world –is full of other preternatural beings. The Jaguar Pride isn’t the only one here. I have had associations with Cougars, Wolves, Bears, Coyotes, and others. Humans would be –horrified –to know how many of us are here and living among them.

3. What’s the greatest challenge to being a jaguar?
There is no challenge. I'm Alpha. I'm Jaguar. My word is Rule, my strength is un-contested. The only problem I've been facing lately is trying to discipline and train Blade and Carolene. Kitlene is too soft hearted and fights me on this all the time.

4. Do you have any beauty tips to share?
You're not serious? You'll have to ask Kitlene that question. She's incredibly beautiful.

5. Who, I mean, what’s your favorite snack?
(GRIN) Hmmm. I really enjoy munching on prey. I mean, meat. Deer. Rabbits. Chipmunks!

6. How does the moon affect you?
I'm not a werewolf, but I have been known to get VERY 'frisky' when the Shifter's Moon is full…!

7. How did you meet your author?
Kitlene and I visited her in a dream. We felt our love story had to be told. We bugged her for several years to get it 'just right' before she managed to come up with the story. Good thing too, because I was about ready to send one of my Pride warriors after her –you know –just to give her some 'incentive'!

8. What’s she like?
She reminds me of a Chipmunk shifter. You know, cute, cuddly, always into something. She smiles a lot. She thinks too much sometimes. And she's a worrier. When she can't get the words right in a story she frets and eats a lot of chocolate for inspiration. All in all, she's a sweet, timid little Chippy that needs a hero…

9. How can readers reach your and buy your book?
My author says Under A Shifter’s Moon is available in all Bookstores, Amazon, and at the Publisher: She also says the best way to get links and other info is to visit her site:

10. Anything you’d like to add?
It took Kitlene and me a few years to get our author to write the perfect 'book-of-her-heart' with "Under A Shifter's Moon", so I'd like you to tell everyone that if they love Shapeshifter Romance then THIS is the book for them! Don’t make me send one of my Pride Warriors after you, too…


  1. Thanks for coming, Lyon. It was a very ummm enlightening interview and I'm not saying that for fear of repercussions. I live in L.A. and I have a feeling you shifters can find people if you really want to. Your author sounds like a great person! A chipmunk shifter...LOL

  2. Nice to meet you, Lyon. Do you get razzed about being a Jaguar named Lyon? Probably not since you're the Alpha, huh? Sorry I asked, please don't send one of your warriors after me. Though if you do, I am sure I have a single friend or two who would love to meet him. Nothing like a wildcat shifter to make a girl purr.

  3. NO, not Kari Thomas said...Its LYON said....

    Thank you for this opportunity, Kate. I enjoyed your unique questions. No need to worry about your safety....I'll have a few of my warriors keep an eye for you!

    And Becca.....grrrr on that old joke! Do you know how many shifters Ive had to beat because of that teasing? Good thing Im an unbeatable opponent! The only one who gets away with teasing now is my Beta, Mason. He STILL makes remarks on the fact I drive a car!

    Thanks, Ladies! Hmmm....I have a few warriors looking for mates.....

    Sincerely, Lyon Savage

  4. Love the interview and I will get the book.


  5. What a great interview!

    Lyon you're one of a kind, as is your fabulous author.

    Hugs to you and the family, especially your fabulous author.