Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please Welcome Angelica from Burning Love
1. Hi Angelica, it’s nice to meet you. It must be strange here with all the vamps and werewolves waiting to be interviewed. Can you tell us a bit about why you’re here on earth??

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone I’m here on Earth! It’s strictly forbidden for angels to come down from Heaven and interfere with the affairs of mortals, but the two mortals I’m working with are so stubborn! Can’t they see they’re made for each other? I had no choice but to come to Earth and give them a good talking to. I’m desperate. If Iris and Riley don’t fall madly in love forever in the next six weeks, I’ll be booted out of Heaven’s Relationship division.

I had a few—shall we say—unfortunate incidents as I tried to find my perfect job in Heaven. Okay, so I messed up in Messenger division and accidently mixed up messages. The ninety-year-old great-grandmother actually took it quite well when I told her she was going to have a baby. And then I messed up the communication system in Divine Intervention division. Totally disabled it. My last screwup was when I accidently sent Avenger division after a poor old corn farmer in Iowa instead of the drug lord in New York City. All honest mistakes!

But this is my last chance. I can’t fail this time or I’ll spend the rest of the afterlife cleaning up and cooking for other angels in Service division. I’m too pretty to be a servant!

And by the way, Vampires and Werewolves are kind of scary. Very big teeth. I don’t like to be rude, but the Werewolves kind of smell like wet dog.

2. Are you having any trouble with humans?

Am I having trouble with humans? Let me tell you, sister. Iris and Riley are determined to make my life miserable. I know in my heart they’re perfect soulmates, but somehow they manage to resist each other. Honestly, humans!

3. Oh, hi, can you please introduce us to your friend? Looks like she’s an angel too.

This is Hildegard, my supervisor in Relationship division. And she’s my friend too. Don’t let that buttoned-down, sensible-shoes look of hers fool you. Beneath that brown tweed suit beats the heart of a rebel. She’s the one who insisted on breaking the rules and coming to Earth with me to help convince Iris and Riley they loved each other.

4. Can you share a bit about one of your adventures?

I found out that Hildegard and I have awesome angel powers. We can bend mortals to our will, make them do whatever we tell them. How cool is that? This angel stuff is great! Except when it stops working.

5. How did you meet your author?

Well, Jana thought I was such a fascinating character that she asked if she could write my story.

You mean our story, don’t you Angelica? You’re not in this alone.

Okay fine, Hildegard. Our story. And it’s Iris and Riley’s love story, too. They’re such a sweet couple. That’s why we have to get them together. Well, that and the deal we made. If my hunch about them being soulmates is right, you promised I could stay in Relationship division and help match up soulmates forever. Remember?

Yes, I remember. I won’t go back on my word.

6. What’s she like?

Who? Oh, you mean Jana Richards? Well, she loves to write all kinds of stories, from romantic suspense to contemporary romance, and historical romance to romantic comedy. She even likes to throw in a little paranormal now and then. Why else would she want to write a story about us angels?

7. How can our readers find you and buy your books?

Jana here. If you’d like to read more about Angelica and Hildegard’s adventures in “Burning Love”, check out my website at You can link from there to my publisher’s website where you purchase my books. My books are also available on Amazon , Fictionwise ( ), and other fine on-line book stores.

8. Anything you’d like to add?

Just that I’d love readers to stop by my website at and say hello. You can also find me at where I blog with a group of writer friends.

Thanks to Kate and Val at Got Romance for letting my angels come out and play with the vamps and werewolves.

Thanks for bringing some light into our Halloween gloom! Angelica is giving a copy of Burning Love to one lucky pop in and say hi!


  1. Good Morning, Angelica,
    It's a pleasure to have an angel here. Some of our other guests have had some ummm...messy habits? (They shed) Welcome and I hope you have a good day.

  2. They shed? Yikes! I wouldn't want to get wolfie hair all over my nice new outfit. Have I told you how much I love clothes? One of the perks of living in Heaven is that I get to wear the fashions of dearly departed designers. My new Chanel is to die for!


  3. Anyone can make mistakes at the office, Angelica, and in this day and age, it's entirely possible for a 90-year-old to have a baby even without miraculous intervention.

    Your adventures sound like fun. Good luck with Riley and Iris. If they are anywhere need 'typical' you'll need it.

  4. Hi Keena,
    Thanks for dropping by. Iris and Riley are typical mortals all right. Riley's scared to let himself fall in love and Iris thinks life will be better someplace else. They can't see how good they are together. Honestly, it's frustrating for a poor match-making angel!


  5. Angelica sounds like an interesting character. Any chance she'll have her own romance?