Monday, November 22, 2010

Today we are chatting with Margie Church, author of Dangerous Love

Welcome, Margie. Thank you for visiting with us today. I understand it’s a special day!
M –Yes, Kate, and I'm thrilled to spend the release day for Dangerous Love with you and Val. You two were some of my first friends when I got started as an author. Plus, I enjoy the support from Got Romance so much.

So Dangerous Love is out today, congratulations. This is book II in the Love Bites series. I enjoyed Love Bites when it came out last summer. Can you tell us how you came up with the idea for Love Bites?
M: I was staring at a photo of the Heidelberg castle and memories of having been there came back to me and suddenly the castle became personified as the vampire, Wade. I know it sounds crazy, but many authors can be inspired to write an entire book based on a single image, sound, suggestion, or experience. At times when I was writing Love Bites and Dangerous Love I felt overwhelmed by the task of creating these other worldly creatures and how many cities and countries they visit. It took a lot of research and thought!

Your take on vampires is a bit unique and in Dangerous Love you go further into both the relationship between Jui and Wade?
M: My vampires move among humans virtually unnoticed. They function in society and are peaceful to keep their true existance a secret. The angst in both these books comes when vampires develop romantic feelings for humans, as Wade does in Love Bites. Human emotions are forbidden and vampires who engage this way are harshly dealt with. Wade is no exception.

In Dangerous Love, the leader of the vampire nation comes after Wade in full force and he has his hands full trying to protect a mere human—Jui—from creatures she cannot fathom. Luckily for Jui, not only does Wade love her, he has genius intelligence. Coupled with vampire ingenuity, he will do anything including die, for the woman he loves.

A crazy aspect of these characters is also that some wield negative human emotions, such as jealousy, anger, and revenge that converge with shocking results.

What can you tell us about Dirk and Laddie?
M: If vampires could be psychopaths, Ladislav could be the poster child. He's cold and heartless toward anything and anyone except Victoria. You'll have to read the book to find out his connection to her over the years and her pivotal role between Ladislav and Wade. However I will say this, Victoria (Tori) is trouble beginning on the first page.

Dirk is a new character in Dangerous Love. He's the Master Prophet – he leads the shape shifter flock. He's a big dude who dresses in black leather and carries a whip. He's a Dom. Watch out for him because his face is in the moon on the cover. Not only is he dangerous, but he's unpredictable when he and Ladislav work together. There are several really intense, gritty scenes between these two leaders in Dangerous Love.

Well I’m sure the readers will enjoy Dangerous Love. I found it to be very exciting as well as touching. Wade and Jui are really special people to me after reading the two parts of their story you have so far. But you have also released a short recently, right?
Yes, my erotic romance, WET is on the market. It's a novella about Reagan and Noah, a divorced couple who are trying to build a different relationship because of their children. WET is very hot, funny, and emotional. When it rains one night, Reagan and Noah get wet in more ways than one. It's also available from Noble Romance.

What was the first thing you wrote for publication?
M: A haiku of mine was published in McCall's magazine when I was in sixth grade. I'm still friends with that teacher and he has read all my books!

Do you have any further projects in the works?
I'm writing a novella titled, Hard as Teak. This is my first venture into male/male love and I'm really enjoying it. Kade Marks is a nature photographer who takes a vacation to his cabin in northern Minnesota. While he's there to reconnect with his passion for work and his girlfriend, he meets Teak Jameson. From the first glance Kade recognizes how handsome Teak is and he's attracted to Teak but doesn't take it seriously . . . until their first kiss.

Readers who know my work often say I am very poetic in my narratives. Hard as Teak is like that. It's also a erotic romance. I expect to finish writing it by the end of November.

Thanks again for coming by. We wish you every success with Dangerous Love as well as all the books in your future!
M: It's always a pleasure to be here, Kate. I hope we'll be doing it again soon.

One lucky winner will win a copy of Love Bites and Dangerous Love today! This is the only blog on the 10-blog tour with this double prize! Tell me whose face is in the moon on the cover of Dangerous Love and what your plans are for Thanksgiving! My birthday falls on the holiday, so maybe I'll spend Thanksgiving with you! LOL

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Dangerous Love

Blurb: Wade Kairos faces deadly consequences for defying the leader of the vampire nation. Ladislav Husek partners with Master Prophet Dirk, to prove Wade can run but he can't hide. And neither can Jui Fabrice, the woman Wade loves. Every bit of his ingenuity is needed to protect her from being turned into a vampire or a prophet.

If that's not enough trouble for him, another vampire from Wade's past comes forward and makes it abundantly clear that what used to be hers is still up for grabs.
Adult Excerpt
Dangerous Love
By Margie Church
"Take off your shirt," she said while tearing open the foil package. His hard shaft jutted proudly in front of his body and Jui knelt, unable to resist sucking his gorgeous cock. She cupped his smooth balls as her lips and teeth moved up his length to the crown. She tickled the tip and let the long string of pre-cum cling to her tongue as she drew back. She smiled up at him before swallowing as much of his dick as she could. Her throat strained as she sucked him, and Wade's fingers digging into her shoulders told her how much he loved every second in her mouth.
When the ache in her body became irresistible, Jui pulled the condom out of its wrapper and began the tight journey over Wade's shaft. Then she bent over the couch and presented her glistening pussy to him. "Now it's my turn."
He pushed aside the thin strap of her thong and entered her. The pressure, the fullness of his shaft moving in her body, drove her crazy. She pumped hard against his hips, needing the glorious pain of release.
"Minx, slow down. I want to make this last."
She heard the words but couldn't obey. "We'll do it again. Make me come."
His teeth found a resting spot on her shoulder muscle. He reached around and slapped her clit.
She whimpered. "Yeah, again." The sting of his slap made her vaginal muscles tense with each tap, building the mindless need stemming from her pussy.
"Baby, you're out of control," Wade said. "Right now you just need to come. Let me give it all to you."
Wade pressed her hard against the back of the couch and drilled his cock into her pussy. Jui screamed with pleasure and encouragement. His finger teased her tight asshole and slowly entered. Her moans sounded loud and achy. She burned with lust. All she knew was his finger and cock were moving simultaneously in her, hard and fast and it . . .was . . . making . . . her come. She howled as her orgasm arrived, gripping his cock with her pussy, gushing slick juices around him.
His grunts grew louder and his thrusts slowed. "That's it. God you feel good, even with this nasty thing on my dick." He stiffened, and an extended groan filled the room. Suddenly, he pulled out, yanked off the condom, and spilled his cum on Jui's ass. "I'm going back in," he said in a raspy tone. "I have to feel you."
"Wade . . . ." Her sentence finished in a pleasurable groan as his wet shaft slid deep inside her.