Monday, October 11, 2010

Today we're chatting with Xavier from Sandra Sookoo's Vegetarian at Midnight

1. Hi Xavier, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

First off, let me say how wonderful it is to be here, talking with the charming ladies of this review site. Now, you want to know about me. Ah, one of my very favorite subjects to talk about. I have been called sexy, gorgeous, an Adonis among men, and I must say it’s probably because of my blond curls. Women seem to favor them as much as I like to wear a fedora and appear well bred.

I’m a fairly simple individual. I like fine things, rare things, objects that others will lust after but can’t have because I own them. Objects d’art, old wines, rare books and the occasional woman—of course, that came to an end once I met my better half, Sophia. She plays havoc with my libido and as much as she denies we’re soul mates, I know she’ll come around to my way of thinking—eventually. I always enjoy a challenge.

2. I understand you have a little problem with a curse?

Unfortunately, you are correct. It would seem somewhere in my family tree, one of my male relatives pissed off the wrong woman and she put a curse of the males of my family. I have made my peace with being a wolf, but now, it isn’t as fulfilling as it once was and I’d like to change that. How does one go about lifting a gypsy curse? I shudder to even contemplate the steps involved yet will go through it because my dear Sophia will be with me every step of the way.

3. What’s the greatest challenge to being a werewolf?

Besides shredding my expensive, name-brand suits every time I shift? LOL I would have to say keeping a lid on my temper is the greatest challenge. I’m terribly territorial and once I met Sophia, convincing her—and everyone else—that she belongs exclusively to me is becoming a chore.

4. If you could be any other animal, which one would you pick?

Ah, my dear, why in God’s name would I want to become yet another animal when I’m attempting desperately to lose the one I’m saddled with?

5. Who, I mean what’s your favorite snack?

Lately, I have an affinity of snacking on folks who indulge in petty crime, like vandals, burglars and the like. I have been known to eat a jogger or two in my time, but when not noshing on a human now and again, I’m very fond of beef. I’ve never met a cow I didn’t like, much to Sophia’s chagrin. She has designs on turning me into a vegetarian, but as fond as I am of her, that will never happen.

6. How does the moon affect you?

How does it affect you, good woman? Contrary to popular literature, the moon has zero affect on my urge to shift into the beast within. I’d much rather enjoy the lunar events with the woman of my dreams, clothing optional.

7. How did you meet your author?

Ah, now that is a bit of a story in itself. There I was, living my life my own way in the forests of northern Indiana, when I had cause to meet a woman named Hannah. My intention was to eat her as a snack, but she would have none of that and got straight to the heart of my issues. Loneliness and people-eating. It was she that put me on a venison only diet, much to Sophia’s annoyance, I might add. But back to the question. The dear author, Sandra Sookoo, decided my looks would be wasted if I was allowed to fade into the background and it was she who determined I needed to make my story known to all and sundry in my own book VEGETARIAN AT MIDNIGHT. I did tell you all women fall victim to my charm and good looks. The author is no exception.

8. What’s she like?

Much like any other writer, I would suspect. Reclusive, mysterious and nearly permanently attached to her keyboard. She agonizes over how to bring out a particularly character’s story, how best to showcase that person, who to pair them with. I’ve heard she’s very fond of chocolate and Chinese food. I have also heard she’s good at cooking. Perhaps I should drop in on her for a recipe or two.

9. How can our readers find you and buy your book?

Ah, a woman after my own heart when it comes to marketing and advertising! The good folks at Eirelander Publishing are graciously selling VEGETARIAN AT MIDNIGHT in book digital and print formats I have been made aware of their new website and I must say, it makes me yearn to revisit Ireland, but I simply cannot leave my Sophia. My book is also available on Amazon and All Romance e-books, and I believe my author will also have print books on hand to autograph in the coming weeks.

10. Anything you’d like to add?

I’m sad to say I must leave you now. Sophia is calling to continue my quest for the curse-breaking potion and I can’t deny her anything. However, let me add this. My greatest rival and biggest thorn in the side Braeden Hollister (you will meet him in my book) is trying to one-up me by having his own story told in March of 2011. I implore you, good readers, that when you read his book, you come back to mine, because, after all, I am the better hero as you will very well see.

Thank you so much for hosting me and I wish everyone a safe, happy and thoroughly delicious Halloween.


  1. Thank you very much for coming today, Xavier. And for being so open. I will definitely have to read your rival's story...because I can't imagine he is more charming or dashing a hero than you!

  2. Great blog. I loved your book and I am sure to read Braeden's book just to compare notes.

  3. Thanks ladies :-) I'm so happy to hear that!

  4. It's also nice to hear that other authors are also reclusive computer huggers husband calls my laptop 'the growth' but I love every one of Sandra Sookoo's books!

  5. LOL Kate! Xavier was a tough one to wrangle. I'm so glad you enjoy my books! :-)

    On my blog last Friday I posted 2 original openings to Vegetarian at Midnight that never made it off the cutting room floor.
    Feel free to check it out for a laugh:

  6. Hi Sandra and Xavier. I cannot wait to read both books.
    Sue B

  7. Thanks Sue! I know Xavier looks forward to you picking the better hero...

  8. Xavier so glad you did not eat the author....(LOL)

  9. LOL Abigail, let me tell you, Xavier is quite a handful. You think trying to get him pinned down for an interview was hard? Try spending a whole book with him :-)

    Thanks Kate. I sure do appreciate your liking my books :-)