Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome Aramir, Nicole Dennis's Fire Demon from Demon Heart

1. Hi, Aramir, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
:: a sensual smile and low bow:: Greetings and thank you for allowing me to join you, delightful ladies, on this wonderful review site. My name is Aramir, a fire demon. Once I was a respected and honored prince of my homeland, now I’m an enslaved and cursed demon to a beautiful heart flame jewel by a horrendous black sorceress.
2. Where are you from?
Originally, I come from a land full of demons of different types and styles. Over the years I’ve been trapped in my jewel, I believe it’s been lost to time or forgotten. Lately, my home is the jewel which is a cold ruby in the shape of a heart with a flame coming out of the top.
3. You keep mentioning you’re enslaved to this jewel? What is this curse? How long has this curse been upon you?
A most cruel enchantment is upon me. After I shunned the advances of this cold enchantress, known as Rosezetta, when I was still a prince, she bound me to the heart jewel. If you ever met the woman, you would know why I shun her in the first place. ::a shudder of muscular shoulders::
A new mistress of the jewel must stand nude under the full moon, my jewel in her hands, chant the lines, and through mystics and moonlight I appear to her to do her bidding until she is done with me.
This horrible curse has been upon me for nigh upon 4,000 years now.
4. Oh my, that is a long time. What must you do during your enchantment or time out of the jewel?
Aye, it has been a long time. Some of it good, some horrible. My latest appearance has been the finest for it introduced me to my beloved, Constance Morelli.
::another sensual smile:: The sorceress turned me into a sex slave. I make all your most sensual, sexual dreams come true. Anything you dream about, I will do, must do, to fulfill the enchantment.
Also, I’m bound to protect my mistress from all evil and harm. I can command my sword and fire powers to protect her.
5. Do you find that people expect you to be bad all the time, being a demon?
When I was at my height of a demon prince, I enjoyed being bad, oh so bad, but after 4,000 years of being bound and a slave, I find my attitudes changing.
6. Who, I mean what’s your favorite snack?
My Constance introduced me to her cannoli. She is a fabulous baker. Have you had one? They are sinful. Though, I do enjoy snacking on my beloved whenever I get the chance. Especially her cannoli cream on my lady. Yum!
7. How did you meet your author?
Ahh, my sweet Nicole. Thanks to a rather snarky, flighty Muse who popped into my jewel and told me she could help me tell my story and give me a way out. All I had to do was speak to this author of hers, Nicole, but of course give the Muse all the credit for coming up with my story.
8. Do you find her easy to work with?
Oh she is a delight to work with once we set the cats after the Muse. She scribbled my story down in a little over a week, kept texting her cousin, Jena, who became the inspiration for my Constance. I’m not sure of all that, but it worked out in the end, for I love my lady.
9. How can readers contact you or buy your book?
My book, Demon Heart, comes out October 22 from Breathless Press at
You can follow my author, Nicole Dennis, at: - Web - Blog
Facebook Author Group:!/group.php?gid=158600595178
10. Anything you’d like to add?
Unfortunately no, it’s time for me to go. My beloved Connie is calling me.
Though, I wish to thank you delightful ladies for asking me to join you for this interview. I hope I can entertain all of your wishes and delight your dreams. Please come and visit us in Maple, Maine where all paranormals and visitors are welcome. Be sure to visit Morelli’s Bakery for one of Connie’s cannoli. ::wink:: You will not be disappointed.

Running errands before Halloween, Constance Morelli passes a window display and is drawn to a dazzling ruby necklace. Not quite believing the story behind the piece, but intrigued by the possibilities, Constance takes the jewel home, only to find herself in possession of a naked demon-hunk, bound as a sex slave.
After four thousand years of dealing with various mistresses in one sexual way or another, Aramir knows what to expect when he appears in the moonlight. Only this mistress is different. He's fed, clothed, and treated like a real man. Not a slave. What is a bound demon to do with such a lady?


  1. Welcome Aramir! I plan to be in Maine next summer and Cannoli sounds wonderful!