Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We have been graced with the presence of Claire Devereux

1. Good evening. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

Good evening and merry meet Kate. As you know, my name is Claire Devereux and I'm a seventh generation witch. I'm married to a wonderful man who's also a gypsy. To say we've had an interesting marriage is only the beginning of that story. We have a lovely daughter, Simone, who's fallen into a bad situation with two poltergeists at the estate my late sister-in-law left to my daughter. Nasty business, but there's a serial killer who may have murdered Celeste. That's my main concern as I sit in the estate writing a spell that will relinquish the 100 year-old curse on the Irish brothers.

2. I understand you have a particular type of talent?

Yes, each of the women in our family line of witches has been blessed with a talent. Mine is the ability to touch/know. I touch objects and people to know what their history is and what they're feeling. Part empath, part historian, but I've learned to use my gift over the years with great success.

3. Is it difficult to function in ordinary life when you have so much other input coming to you?

When I was younger and newly married, I had difficulty handling my husband's clothes and objects. I would see other women from his life before me and just smolder with jealousy. My Aunt Margaret generously bound me with a spell so I couldn't use my gifts on my husband. I never told him, some things a witch does are private. Over the years, I've learned to compartmentalize my touch/know ability and only use it when there is a need. I work hard on my spells and am considered one of the foremost authorities in California with my coven.

4. Everyone always wants to know if a witch is white or black magickally inclined. What answer do you give to that?

That's a tricky question. To protect my family I would use whatever magick that works quickly and decisively. As a true witch, I have a responsibility to my family and coven. I try to stay ethical and don't use magick to force favorable decisions against someone's will. On the flip side of that coin, don't mess with my close loved ones or I can be a formidable witch. My wrath is deep, and knows no bounds if someone I love is in danger.

5. What is it like working with your author?

Cherie needed to do many rewrites to get the spell to work on the Irish brothers. I gave her a bit of trouble on that one; my emotions were all over the place. My daughter was in mortal danger, everything had to be perfect. Cherie also found me the herbs I needed at the last moment. Although, she put my husband and my daughter's lover at great jeopardy to do that. Overall, I think Cherie is flexible and as a witch herself, she's been supportive of my decisions to use black magick when necessary to ward off the serial killer. I appreciated that Cherie stuck close to the actual events that took place at the estate.

6. How can readers reach you and buy your book?

I live in San Francisco and all email can be sent to Cherie De Sues in San Diego at cheriedesues@gmail.com. You can find the author at one of her two websites at http://www.cheriedesues2.com or http://www.cheriedesues.com . Cherie can send the information on to me, but I might be slow to answer, I've had my hands full lately. The novel from our family's story can be found at Amazon or Noble Romance Publishing.

7. Anything you’d like to add?

As Samhain soon approaches, I'd like to offer your readers a spell to summon friendly spirits. You'll also find easy-to-follow instructions for a dumb supper, if you're so inclined, at Cherie's paranormal author blog, Irish Gypsy's Parlor.

To see or summon the spirits inside a home or cemetery, our family Grimoire suggests the following incense mixture. (A grimoire is a textbook of magic to create or learn about magical talismans, amulets, magical spells, charms, divination and summoning entities like angels, spirits, or demons.

1. Create your circle. I use spilt salt for this summoning.

2. Mix together aloe, pepper, musk, vervain, and saffron as a burning incense. If you know the person, add a bit of their perfume, aftershave, favorite flower, or their preferred tobacco when they were alive to attract their attention.

3. Use symbolic items to connect you to the entity. Their hair brush, car keys, comb or toothbrush would do nicely.

Use this incantation to bring the spirit to you.

I call the guardians of the Spirit World to hear my plea.

Guide me in this hour to bring ____ to me.

Those I do not call are not welcome in this place.

Only the soul known as _____ may enter this sacred space.

Repeat three times every ten minutes until you feel their presence in the room. This takes time and mental focus. You may feel their touch, their scent, a breeze upon your face or the candles may flicker. Now is the time to say your peace, ask your question or say goodbye. Once you've finished, remember to thank the guardians for guiding you.

Thank you for having me Kate.

Blessed Be. )0(

Thank you for coming Claire, and for sharing the spell for the readers. It's a good time to remember those who are gone ahead, and your gift is appreciated. Brightest Blessings to you and to Cherie as well.


  1. Merry meet again Kate. Thank you for having me on your website...I've never done this before you know. Cherie let me use her laptop and sign in thingy. I was stealing looks around and found some wonderful reading material. I hope you have a warm and eventful Samhain Kate. Many blessings.
    ♥,,◕*^*❀live, love, laugh❀*^*◕,,♥