Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alessandro - A demon with a mission

This interview is not one of our usual. Instead of Kate from Got Romance asking questions, we have unearthed the interview between Alessandro from Demons Love Cinnamon and his superior demon in Hades on the occasion of his application to spend Halloween on Earth. We can’t tell you how we got this…but Valerie Mann’s hair is still looking a bit singed at the ends.
She did alter the name of the interviewer, something about how just saying his name brings on a hundred year curse… So we will just call him Bob.

Bob: So, Alessandro, my boy, after all these years! Finally you volunteer to go to on the Halloween mission. I have to tell you this interview is being recorded for later transcription and possible torture and/or dismemberment of one or both parties.
Alessandro: Yes.
Bob: Wanna get you some of that hot Earth hoochie mama, huh?
Alessandro: Well, not exactly. I would just like to take a look around, you know, see the sights.
Bob: And of course…?
Alessando: Of course what…sir?
Bob: All joking aside, you know this is the one opening we have to sneak some untainted souls down here. That’s the only reason the boss even lets everyone go. He’s all business you know.
Alessandro: Of course, sir. I understand. Are we done?
Bob: Not quite. I have to ask, why now? All these hundreds of years, you showed no interest.
Alessandro: Well I had my responsibilities. Finally I have an assistant who can cover while I’m gone.
Bob: Dude, don’t try to piss down my back and tell me it’s raining. You know damn well we could have found someone for your desk. You have the seniority.
Alessandro: I don’t know, really. I just know I have to go. It’s a compulsion.
Bob: Well go ahead, and have fun. Just remember your job and bring back a soul, the purer the better.
Alessandro: Right
Bob: And remember, if you fail in your mission, it’s the lowest pits for you, no matter how much seniority you have. We’d miss you up here in Admin, but it’s the rules!
Alessandro: We done here?
Bob: Yeah we’re done. I guess. I still wonder what’s got you going this time. Just be sure and get yourself some Earth ass for me. I’d go myself, but this year my boss is going and I have to cover. Damn bastard! Of course I could make you cover for me…
Alessandro: Oh, of course. Have a good time sir.
Bob: Have you no sense of humor whatsoever? You’d better get out of here now before I change my mind and chain your ass to this desk.

Recording ends here…

but you can find out what happens next by picking up Demons Love Cinnamon at


  1. Love it! What a great blog. This book sounds great!

  2. Thanks Ashlynn. It's very Halloweeny!

  3. I loved it! Bob! OMG this is just too funny! I've read the story and enjoyed it so much I tell everyone I know. Way to go Kate!!!