Friday, October 15, 2010

Today Rainyn Clery, Lord of the Night is with us

1. Good evening. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself? Good evening bella! I am Rainyn Clery, a classical musician and lord of the night who hails from the Victorian age. I also work at a male strip club/whorehouse for women and I truly dig rock’n’roll!
2. What do you find most challenging about being a vampire? I live in Florida, the Sunshine State. However, if I dare to step forth into the beams of the sun I’m pretty much melba toast. You do the math.
3. Do you find that people have a hard time accepting you just because you’re a vampire? For years I lead an exciting although somewhat lonesome life; it’s difficult not being able to reveal yourself to people; um, well, as a stripper I pretty much reveal myself to everyone, but you know what I mean! I always sought solace through my great friendships with my brothers of the night, Ramon and Xavier. And if the occasional lady discovered that my Facebook status should read Lord of the Night, I assured her that I don’t drink blood. I am a vampire of the incubus, meaning that I sustain myself through the sexual energies and excitement of women. For some reason the ladies seem totally cool with that concept.
I am very fortunate, though, to have found a woman—my beautiful Blythe—who truly understands and accepts me for who I am.
4. How old are you? I was turned when I was 21, back in Queen Victoria’s time; again I repeat, you do the math!:)
5. What is it like working with your author – is she susceptible to your charms? You mean the lovely Megan? She is our most loyal customer at Club Nuit. Her tips have personally financed a number of club remodeling projects, as well as accommodated the purchase of abundant supplies of G-strings and baby oil!
6. How can readers reach you and buy your book? Ladies, please write Megan or the gentlemen of Nuit anytime at To buy a copy of Angel on Fire, which tells my story, please visit
7. Anything you’d like to add? I want to send warm wishes and naughty notions to all of the ladies of the world; you are welcome anytime at Club Nuit! (winks)

Angel on Fire blurb:

Rainyn Clery is a gorgeous, kind-natured dancer at Club Nuit; a strip club/bordello where hot incubus vampires fulfill the deepest, darkest fantasies of everyday women. Despite his great passion for his work, Rainyn finds himself falling in love with Blythe, record company executive and Nuit regular.
Blythe Browning is engaged to marry Richard Billings, a city commissioner in her hometown of Clearview, Florida. Yet Richard's cruel, smug attitude drives

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