Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome K.T. Grant

1. Tell us your latest news.

KT: I'm very excited to have straight erotic contemporary, For the Love of Mollie, released for the new epublisher, Decadent Publishing (http://www.decadentpublishing.com/) for their inaugural line up on August 1st. I also will have a Lesbian Pirate Romance (ahoy me mateys!) released by Ravenous Romance in the early fall.

2. What initially inspired you to become an author?

KT: My mother always had a dream of becoming an author. I think I have the writing gene because of her. But the moment I read Stephen King's The Stand, I wanted to write characters and stories that can really make you think and stay with you long after you finished reading

3. What is your favorite book? And Why?

KT: My favorite book is The Stand by Stephen King. The story and characters blew my mind away. Over 1000 pages of on the edge of your seat action where you will stay up all night reading until the very end, and want to back to the beginning and read it all over again. Stephen King is my author idol.

4. Do you have a particular time of day to write? We love to hear about a writer’s process.

KT: I find that I work better in the late afternoon or at night in my writing chair, surrounded by total silence or with some light jazz in the background. I have a scene in my mind and try to get it down on paper and more onto the next one until I reach my personal word count for the day.

5. What do you find to be the most difficult part of writing?

KT: The hardest part is starting a book. That blank page can be scary where you want to write the best possible first sentence.

6. Do you have a favorite author?

KT: Hands down my favorite author is Stephen King. But my other favorites are JR Ward, Meljean Brook, Gail Carriger and a debut author who just published this year, Carolyn Crane.

7. Tell us about your first published work.

KT: My first published work is a Contemporary May/December Lesbian Romance called Lovestruck. Lovestruck takes place in present day Manhattan about Barbara Jennings, a hotel mogul and her planned seduction of Jenny Caffey, a college student who is also Barbara's employee and ten years younger than her.

8. Do you have a favorite of your own works?

KT: I have a young adult murder mystery I wrote a few months ago that is very near and dear to my heart that I would love to publish. I'm in the process of shopping my manuscript around to agents in the hopes one will take me on as their client and sell it to a publisher.

9. Where can our readers find you on the web?

KT: You can find me as my author website at: http://ktgrant.com/ or my blog, Babbling About Books, and More! at http://kbgbabbles.blogspot.com/

10. Where can they buy your books?

KT: You can buy Lovestruck at Noble Romance Publishing: https://www.nobleromance.com/ItemDisplay.aspx?i=134
All Romance Ebooks: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-lovestruck-441494-145.html
Diesel e BookStore: http://www.diesel-ebooks.com/cgi-bin/item/9781605921150/Lovestruck-eBook.html

I also have a short story in an anthology from Ravenous Romance called Once Upon a Threesome. You can also buy at:

Ravenous Romance: http://www.ravenousromance.com/anthologies/once-upon-a-threesome.php
All Romance Ebooks: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-onceuponathreesome-439440-144.html
Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Once-Upon-a-Threesome-ebook/dp/B003P2W1YI

11. Anything you would like to add?

KT: Thanks for this wonderful interview and I hope I will continue to publisher and have even more stories to share in the future.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today we have a visit from Mary Davenport

Tell us your latest news.
I have a story out now called Shared Legacy. This erotica romance, set in Regency England, depicts a love triangle that helps a childless couple conceive.
What initially inspired you to become an author?
I honestly have no idea. I’ve just always wanted to do it. One of my elementary teachers asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I automatically said a writer. I guess it’s because I love to read and want to give others that same enjoyment.
What is your favorite book? And Why?
I don’t have a favorite book because I seem to love them all. I’m currently infatuated with Charlaine Harris’s Sookie stories. They’re light, fun, and breezy. I enjoy books that make me laugh.
Do you have a particular time of day to write? We love to hear about a writer’s process.
I enjoy writing in the evening. People are around me, or I’m around people all day long. During the evening I have some quiet time and get to do something I love.
What do you find to be the most difficult part of writing?
Getting to know the characters can be tough. Like real people, I have to spend quite a bit of time with them until I learn all of their idiosyncrasies. Once I learn what they like and dislike and how they’ll react in a given situation, the writing goes much easier.
Do you have a favorite author?
I’m a reading slut. I could never be true to any one author, but in addition to Harris, I am currently enjoying Donna Andrews’s work.
Tell us about your first published work.
This is my first published work. Cobblestone contacted me by email that they would like to buy the story. It was early in the morning when I read the message, and I just started pounding the desk in joy.
Do you have a favorite of your own works?
Since this is the first one, I would have to say it’s definitely my current favorite.
Where can our readers find you on the web?
Cobblestone-press.com. There is a forum on this site as well.
I don’t have a website just yet.
Where can they buy your books?
Anything you would like to add?
I hope readers enjoy the story as much as I have.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Please Welcome Olivia Starke

Hi Olivia, Thanks so much for coming! Your new cover is gorgeous! I can't wait to get hold of the actual story.

1. So…what’s new? I am currently working on a kinky cowboy short story. And when I say kinky I mean of the BDSM variety >grins<. I also have a fast paced full length WIP that I’m really excited about. It has international flare, suspense, government corruption, and lots of hot nookie. Who knows, there might be a exciting car chase as well! I’ve recently put on the editor’s hat and am working for Solstice Publishing as an assistant editor. I’m also working as a proofreader at Breathless Press. I somehow fit this in with working as a reviewer at Got Romance! Reviews, and being part of a crit group of four lovely gals. Oh and I have a real life job to boot lol.
2. What initially inspired you to become an author? I’ve always had my nose in a book. Both of my parents were always reading, so it was natural. I’m not sure the exact ‘ah ha!’ moment, but it was sometime last summer. I took an online course with Lori Wilde on how to write romance. Next thing I knew I was submitting a short paranormal romance, and Cobblestone-Press picked it up.
3. What is your favorite book? And Why? My favorite book is The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. I read it in high school and it blew my mind. It was published in 1906 and is a political fiction novel about the working class in the stockyards of Chicago. I remember holding my breath in spots, and just becoming the characters in the book. I lived in their horrendous conditions, shared in their triumphs and losses, all by the magical way Upton wrote. And it was based on actual stories of these people, Upton moved into the immigrants’ neighborhood so he could share their experiences. The book had a huge impact on the meat packing industry.
4. Do you have a particular time of day to write? We love to hear about a writer’s process. Evening definitely I’m a night owl. I’m doing this interview at 11:30 pm to give you an idea. I usually hit my writing peak between 10pm-1am. Even if I have to get up early the next day, this is when I try to write. I do write through the day, whenever I get a chance, but it never has the oomph my late evening writing does.
5. What do you find to be the most difficult part of writing? Trying to get all the vivid characters and exciting action down into boring little letters and words and make them just as thrilling. I don’t think readers realize what a difficult process that can be. You are literally translating pictures to words—and it’s not always a smooth process.
6. Do you have a favorite author? Cupcake flavor? Upton Sinclair, Leo Tolstoy, Edgar Allen Poe, and of course my great little group of fellow author friends’ who shall remain nameless ;;) Oh and yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting! And don’t forget the sprinkles!
7. Tell us about your first published work. Actually my first published work was a poem I wrote in high school about the Holocaust. I was really embarrassed at the time that my mom had sent it in lol. I worked on my high school paper as well, and won some awards. As far as being a real author it’s Mind Games, a paranormal erotic suspense at Cobblestone Press.
8. Do you have a favorite of your own works? I’ll be honest after I write them I don’t want to think about them. I’m not sure why, I guess because I think omg I could’ve written that so much better—even if I’ve gotten good reviews. As I write them I think ‘ooooh this is my fave’ but as soon as it’s under contract and through edits I put it out of my mind.
9. Where can our readers find you on the web? I’m going to invest in a snazzy new website soon, but for now you can find me on Facebook and http://RomancingThePenToday.blogspot.com you can also email me at oliviastarke@ymail.com if you ask nicely I might even give you a killer molasses cookie recipe.
10. Where can they buy your books? www.cobblestone-press.com I’m also on www.AllRomanceebooks.com as well as another site, but I’m drawing a blank on it.
11. Anything you would like to add? Just say NO to pirated ebooks! You are stealing money from hard working authors.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Please Say Hello to Author Caitlynn J. Gabriel

Thanks for coming! What an intriguing cover you have on To Stand with Angels, I can't wait to read it.

1. Tell us your latest news.
First of all, thank you for hosting me! I’m really excited to be here. My latest and greatest news is the release of my new novel, “To Stand with Angels”. It’s a paranormal/horror/western/romance that takes place in the Wyoming Territory in 1878.
2. What initially inspired you to become an author?
When I was in sixth grade, we had an assigned reading project and the book was “A Wrinkle in Time”. I loved it, and from that day on, I tried to write. It wasn’t until two years ago, though, that I began the novel that I would ultimately finish, “To Stand with Angels”. It was the first novel I started that I absolutely adored the characters, the plot, all of it, and I poured my heart into it!
3. What is your favorite book? And Why?
I love “The Stand” by Stephen King. It is my favorite book because of all the undertones, the battle between Good and Evil resulting of a seemingly accidental super-flu exposure in which the whole world is nearly wiped out. He did a phenomenal job with that novel. I read the condensed version at least once a year.
4. Do you have a particular time of day to write? We love to hear about a writer’s process.
I generally write in the afternoons or late, late at night. I have a night shift, so if I’m not feeling tired when I get home, I write when all is quiet and still.

5. What do you find to be the most difficult part of writing?
I love to write, but I hate it when I have the whole picture in my head. The plot, the dialogue, the setting, everything…but when I sit down to type it, that white, blank page staring back at me sends the whole picture scuttering out of my head. That’s the hardest part.

6. Do you have a favorite author?

I love Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, Author Canon Doyle, Nora Roberts, and I read a whole slew of Louis L’ Amour and Caroline Keene when I was young.
7. Tell us about your first published work.

“To Stand with Angels” is my first published work. I so badly wanted to write a story set in the Old West that had a paranormal/horror demonic twist. I was greatly inspired by Clint Eastwood’s “Man without a Name” spaghetti westerns along with my love of all things paranormal. “To Stand with Angels” is the story of a young woman who is hiding from a terrible crime, an ex-gunslinger who is looking for revenge, an evil cattle baron who’s trying to get rid of anyone who could stand against him, and a 600-year-old demon who’s just showed up in town for the battle of the century.
8. Do you have a favorite of your own works?

I love “To Stand with Angels”. I am also excited for the sequel “At the Devil’s Right Hand” to be completed. The story will continue on for a total of three novels.
9. Where can our readers find you on the web?

My Blog: www.cjgabrielbooks.blogspot.com
My Webpage: www.cjgabrielbooks.com

10. Where can they buy your books?

At Eternal Press: http://www.eternalpress.biz/book.php?isbn=9781615720934
At Amazon in paperback: http://www.amazon.com/Stand-Angels-Caitlynn-J-Gabriel/dp/1615720944/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1275425746&sr=8-1
Or in Kindle format: http://www.amazon.com/To-Stand-with-Angels-ebook/dp/B003LSSYBU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&m=AG56TWVU5XWC2&s=digital-text&qid=1275425746&sr=8-2
11. Anything you would like to add?

I would like to thank you, again, for having me today, and to add an excerpt of my novel, if that’s ok?

Bradyn was awakened by her tossing. The moon’s beam fell across the bed and illuminated her body in its gray wash of light. Her skin was slick with sweat. Her chest glimmered with it. Damp hair partially covered her face as she jerked wildly in her sleep. Wiping the unruly strands from her perspiring brow, Bradyn frowned at the tears that leaked from the corners of her tightly shut eyes. “Rian,” he whispered. “Rian, wake up.” He nudged her arm with gentle urgency.
Gasping, Rian bolted upright in bed, her eyes full of crazed fear. “Bradyn?” she choked. Her voice was little more than a hoarse breath pushed from between her teeth as she fell against him shaking.
“You were dreaming,” he answered. His fingers traced a tender path along the line of her spine.
Rian nodded and shivered. Slowly, she sat back to stare at him. In the moonlight, her face was ashen and her lips were trembling.
“What is it?” he asked as he pulled her back into the cradle of his arms and rested his chin on the crown of her head.
“It was nothing,” she replied. “Just a nightmare. Only a bad dream is all.”
He rocked her small frame in his arms, hoping to sooth her. Her heartbeat fluttered against his chest and her breath came in quick gasps. He kissed the soft skin of her shoulder. “Tell me, Rian,” he whispered against her ear. “Tell me what you were dreaming.”
Rian stiffened and pulled away. She looked terrified. “I—I don’t want you to go to Laramie tomorrow, Bradyn,” she answered, clutching her throat. “I know…You’re going to die if you do. I…I can feel it.”
Moonlight glistened from a tear that caught in her lower lashes. She blinked. The tear glided down her face and hung in a sparkling diamond on her chin before plummeting to the sheet across her breasts. A second tear slipped from her other eye and Bradyn caught it with his index finger before it came to the same fate as the other.
“Rian,” he soothed, pulling her back against him. “You know I have to. If I don’t, Briggs will just keep on sending one gunman after another out here ‘til he gets what he wants. I have to finish this. I’m tired of running from my past. I’m not going to do it anymore.”

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gina Gordon has an exciting new release!

1. Tell us your latest news.
I am very excited to be here to celebrate my newest release from Breathless Press, Wicked Ride. It's a fun erotic short that gives a whole new meaning to commuting. For those of you who have ever had dirty thoughts while riding public transportation, this story is for you.

2. What initially inspired you to become an author?

This may be weird but I don’t know. I have been writing since childhood and it always just felt right. Whether it was poetry, stories or even essays, putting words onto paper seemed like something I was meant to do.

3. What is your favorite book? And Why?N/A
4. Do you have a particular time of day to write? We love to hear about a writer’s process.

I don’t have a particular time of day that works best for me. My process is more about being in “the zone”. If I am in the zone I can write anywhere, anytime. However, there are days or even weeks when I am not in the zone and no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to write a thing. I know a lot of writers have goals to write so many words per day, I just can't do that.

5. What do you find to be the most difficult part of writing?

My “in the zone” process is the most difficult and frustrating part of writing. I need to learn to be patient.

6. Do you have a favorite author?

There is one author that in my eyes can do no wrong, Lorelei James. She is without a doubt my favourite in the genre today and I personally think her Rough Riders series is erotic romance gold!

I do have other authors on my must buy list, J.R. Ward, Jill Shalvis, and a very recent addition, Leslie Kelly.

7. Tell us about your first published work.

Talking about my first published work is simple since it was only a couple of months ago. Her Five Favorite Words was released from Breathless Press on April 4th. It is a contemporary erotic short story. It’s about letting go of your fears and having the courage to go after your fantasy even if it’s while you’re stuck in an elevator in the midst of a panic attack!

I am really grateful to Breathless Press for taking a chance on me not once but twice.

8. Do you have a favorite of your own works?

I would have to say my still work in progress, Fire and Icing. It’s special because it is the first idea I planned out when I made the decision to take the “I want to be a writer journey” seriously. In many ways the heroine is a lot like me and is based on one of my favourite things-cupcakes! Although it still isn’t finished, it’s still my baby.

9. Where can our readers find you on the web?

I love to hear from readers. You can find me online at http://www.ginagordon.net

10. Where can they buy your books?

Wicked Ride and Her Five Favorite Words can be purchased through the following websites:

11. Anything you would like to add?

Thank you Got Romance Reviews for allowing me to talk about myself!