Saturday, October 16, 2010

Say Howdy to Latharn from Beyond A Highland Whisper

1. Hi Latharn, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Good day to ye. Casts a furtive glance around the room while flexing massive arms. Do ye mind keeping your voice a bit low? If Deardha realizes my awareness travels out of the crystal, the vile witch will damn me straight to the abyss.
Relaxes a bit, a sad smile tugs at the corner of his sensuous, full lips. Have ye ever heard the saying, “Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned?” Well, I’m here to tell ye they should add a bit more to that phrase. Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned−and god help yer arse if the woman is a witch. I’ve been trapped in a crystal for over six hundred years, waiting for my beloved Nessa to finally speak the words to break the curse. I can speak to you and to my descendants guarding the crystal, but the curse forbids me to speak to Nessa when I appear in her dreams. Cocks a suggestive brow and gives a wicked grin. But e’en though I canna speak to Nessa, I communicate with her in other ways.
2. I understand you’re a real ladies’ man, what’s your secret?
Aye. My so-called charm is what landed me in this damn crystal. Folds arms across muscular chest and glowers. I have no idea why the lasses chase after me so. ‘Tis as if no one has ever shown them a bit of kindness. Mother said was because I always loved the bairns. Apparently, women tend to be rather tenderhearted toward a man who protects the little ones. Leans forward with a teasing wink. Of course, the lasses seemed verra satisfied with the way I treated them in other ways as well.
3. Any advice for modern men who would like to have more success with the ladies?
Eyes widen and shakes head. Hell no. The women of this time are complicated confusing creatures. Their beauty steals your breath away while their strange ideas boggle the mind. Frowns while thoughtfully tapping a finger against lips. But then again, they seem to like it if ye truly listen when they speak.
4. What’s under the kilt?
Warm, rich laughter rumbles accompanied with a wide smile Why a man’s pride of course! Another wicked wink And ye might take care about asking a Highlander such a question−he’s apt to show ye.
5. How did you meet your author?
Face grows thoughtful This strange flitting creature broke into my isolation one day. I believe she called herself a muse. She showed me the path to Maeve’s dreams so I might tell my story.
6. What’s she like?
Wide grin. Maeve Greyson? She’s a fine woman. Leans forward with a sympathetic nod. Of course, ye understand, she’s a bit addled and something of a dreamer but a good woman nonetheless.
7. How can our readers find you and buy your books?
Taps chin and frowns. I believe Maeve told me “Beyond a Highland Whisper” releases from a place called The Wild Rose Press in February 2011. Shakes head with a confused look. She also mentioned something about links to places where she can be found? Here. She told me to give you these:
Beyond a Highland Whisper Trailer:
8. Anything you’d like to add?
Eyes narrow and casts a worried glance around the room again. My time grows short. I’d best be getting back lest Deardha sense my energy. I’ve truly enjoyed our visit. The cold isolation of my prison sometimes gnaws at the edges of my sanity. Maeve said ye might like a bit of a peek into our tale. She asked that I give ye this passage where Nessa and her friend Trish have finally arrived in Scotland. By the way, please excuse the part about my nephew Brodie. The lad and his wife have no’ been married verra long and canna keep their hands away from each other:
Latharn stared across the room, flattening his hands against the frigid walls of his prison. It was her. She had arrived at last. His Nessa stood in Scotland, sharing the same room as the accursed globe. She was beautiful. The sight of her stole the breath from his lungs. He clawed his fingers against the glass, itching to touch the silk of her hair. He yearned to caress her, to take her into his arms. She was so close. She was almost within his reach.
“Nessa,” he whispered.
“Excuse me. I was wondering if you could give us some directions? I must’ve gotten an out-of-date map at the airport.”
A flustered redhead stood tapping her fingers on the counter where she’d already spread out a several-times refolded map. Her face was dark as a storm cloud; it was obvious she and her companion had been having a heated discussion. The elfin brunette stood just behind her. The brunette was not happy. She leaned against the counter glaring at the redhead. A disgruntled look upon her face, she rested her head on her hand as though she’d rather be anywhere but standing beside the redhead.
Latharn tore his eyes away from Nessa long enough to sneak a glance at Brodie. “God’s teeth, Brodie.” The man’s cock stood at full attention making a pup tent of the front his kilt. If they were outside, Latharn would call up an icy rainstorm to help the man bring things under control. Scrubbing his face, Latharn chuckled to himself and leaned against the crystal wall. Well, the lad was on his own, he’d just have to keep his randy arse behind the counter.
Brodie coughed and adjusted the front of his kilt as he edged closer behind the waist-high counter. His voice a bit strained, he cleared his throat and smiled at the two young women.
“Where might ye be headed? I’ve not seen ye here in town before. And from your accent, I don’t believe ye’re from anywhere near Balnakiel.”
The tiny brunette grinned, her face lighting up with a victorious smirk as she nudged the redhead in the shoulder. “I told you we overshot Durness an hour ago and you should’ve turned right at the last burial cairn!”
“That’s my girl,” Latharn purred. He loved it when Nessa showed her fire. She looked tired. What he wouldn’t give to massage all the aches and pains from her body. She worked too hard. Well, that would soon be over. When he was free of the globe, she would work no more. He would take care of her. She wouldn’t have a care in the world. Her life and her happiness would be in his hands. He would take care of her every need.
“Don’t start with me, Nessa,” the redhead hissed in irritation. “We always end up where we’re headed.” Her voice softened as she turned to face the politely smiling MacKays. With a nod toward the map, she added with a tight-lipped smile, “We just sometimes take the scenic route. Besides. I didn’t realize this was a race.”
“Hmm…that one there is going to be the undoing of some poor man,” Latharn noted with a grin. He had been watching Trish’s friendship with Nessa for years. Latharn missed the camaraderie he’d once had with his clan whenever he watched the two women together. It reminded him of just how isolated he was. He swallowed hard as he pushed the memories of his clan aside. Enough of this senseless bickering. It was time to put on a little show.


  1. I think I'm in love, great interview!

  2. Latharn asked me to tell you, "Thank ye verra much, ladies!" He sends you his best! ;-)

  3. Hi Maeve! I like that you're a bit addled. (Latharn's comments, not mine.) Great blog and excerpt--I'll be heading to TWRP in February to buy! :)

  4. LOL! Thanks, Rebecca. :-) I've been a "bit addled" all my life.

  5. Maeve, this hero, um, er, I mean this book sounds irresistable.

  6. Thanks, Dominique & Caroline! Latharn can sometimes be "quite" the rascal. :-)

  7. Great interview. Those Highlanders sure know how to turn a woman on.



  8. Awesome interview, Maeve. You have a charming, witty way about your prose. Can't wait to read this book.

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  10. Thank you for your kind words, Jeannene! Your praise means a lot. :-)

  11. Maeve :-) you are a tease. We have to wait five months for this!
    I thoroughly enjoyed it and your book is on my wish list. I just happen to have a birthday in Feb!! LOL
    Best wishes with the book.