Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today we are talking with a Paranormal Marshal from The Darkness of Sable

1. Hi, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm a famous sculptress and a Paranormal Marshal. For a long time, my creations were dark, twisted pieces of my imagination, but when they suddenly began coming to life, I soon discovered that I had a supernatural power.

2. What’s it like being a Paranormal Marshal?

Well, I wasn't always a Paranormal Marshal. It took quite a bit of coaxing to convince Thomas that I'd make a good marshal. The Judges agreed, so by training to be part of the Old World team they're protecting me, and I learned how to protect myself too.

3. What’s the greatest challenge to your job?

Right now there's a sect off the New Order called the Dark Rift who wants my magical ability. The Dark Rift is primarily vampires, but there are other Paranorms who follow them. After my ex-husband, Hal, was turned and he murdered his new wife, things have really heated up. The Old World isn't sure yet why my power is so coveted, but we're taking precautions. We believe Hal plays a big role in the Dark Rift, but we're not sure how.

4. Do you have any beauty tips to share?

Not really, but if you're ever in Naples, Florida, stop in at The Elegant Curl and ask for Lucretia. Tell her I sent you. She can perform miracles with your hair!

5. Who, I mean what’s your favorite snack?

I enjoy fresh pineapple and a good brandy, but I have a friend who's a giant and he enjoys the occasional evil faerie. He says it's the fey version of Mexican food.

6. How does the moon affect you?

The lunar cycles don't bother me, but I do have to be careful when I'm out after dark. There are some nasty werewolves in New York City, where I currently reside, and with all the vamps pissed off at me, I carry a wooden stake around more than I do a cell phone.

7. How did you meet your author?

{laughs} F.L. Bicknell has one wildly imaginative mind. I met her one day when I was sitting in the dark minding my own business. Suddenly I found myself in a limo with a dreamy man who sold my sculptures and made me lots of money. Besides, without F.L. writing my love scenes, I'd have to content myself with toys. Trust me, Thomas is soooo much better than a B.O.B.

8. What’s she like?

The woman drives me and the other characters until we blow up, fall in love, get staked, drop off a balcony, or whatever other devious things she can dream up. Poor Hal doesn't have a chance with F.L. She has this thing about psycho ex-husbands that leads them straight to their demise. I only hope she gives me the satisfaction of shooting an arrow into Hal's little, black heart or staking him out in the sun to wait for the sunrise.

9. Does she run around with other characters?

Sure she does, but none of us mind. Without F.L. we wouldn't be here, now would we? When all is said and down and she types 'The End' that woman has one helluva party and everyone is invited. The deep-fried pixie appetizers are really good. You should stop by the nest completed-novel bash and try some.

10. Anything you’d like to add?

Well, I must admit that if you enter my world, you're for a dose of the unexpected, some wild romance, adventure, thrills, chills and hot sex. I love Thomas with all my heart, but that damn Rick nearly screwed it all up. That Phooka will be kissing the Judges' feet for several months. I have to find a way to turn my daughter, Cheyenne, back into a human, but from what little F.L. has let me see of book two, it looks like I'm going to have a young woman to train—and my-my does this woman ever have an incredibly unique power!

I'm curious to find out what happens to the vampires, and if my suspicions are correct, Emerald, a vampyress, is going to help the Old World track down the head vamps of the Dark Rift.

Now where is that tall, dark and handsome mane of mine? {sigh} He's probably out battling werewolves again. They've been chewing on the city's power stations trying to zap fleas, so they are a nuisance.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Thank you for having Sable at Got Romance Author Interviews!

  2. What a cool interview. I enjoyed learning about Sable and her being a paranormal marshal. The sculptures coming to life got my attention. Great power to have. This is a must read, oh Imaginative F.L.

  3. Shh! F.L. might hear you and get a big head!


  4. Love Thomas and Sable!! What a ride. And when the two finally got together, it was hot, hot, hot! I'm really looking forward to book two.

  5. Oh :-) I loved this. I'llnever look at scultures in the same way again!

  6. Hey, Laura G! F.L. can't wait to have me stake Hal. Wonder if Thomas will help me?

    Sherry, so nice of you to stop in. Just wait until you see what my sculptures can do! Poor Lucretia at The Elegant Curl thought I'd lost my mind! The customers fled her beauty shop in about 10 seconds flat!

  7. F.L. knows how to throw you guys into tough situations...give it a twist or a shake and watch you claw your way out. lol. Good luck Sable. :)

  8. Thanks for coming, Sable, and for sharing all about what you face every day in your line of work. I'm sorry that The Elegant Curl is so far away!Your author sounds pretty awesome too!

  9. I need to go and see the woman at The Elegant Curl. If she can get rid of my totally non-elegant split ends, I'll love her forever.


  10. Well, Thomas nearly had a heart attack when I cut off my ankle-length hair, but Lucretia whipped my hair into a nice slant bob. I'll tell her you all might be making a trip down to Naples for an appointment.

  11. I so loved this story!! I read it in two days!!
    Congrats Faith.