Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Say hi to twin's that for a Wednesday

1. Hi Gentlemen, can you introduce yourselves to our readers?
Remann: I’m Remann and this is my brother Aiden, we’re happy to be at your service. We are vampire heroes in Olivia Starke’s Order of Terminus series at Cobblestone Press. Blood Desires is Aiden’s story, and Blood Mercy is mine.
Aiden: This interview will be brief, right?
Remann: Ignore my twin, he has no social skills.
2. So, how did you get to be vampires, anyway?
Remann: It happened back in the dark ages, after we were rescued from death by a lovely vampiress.
Aiden: I wouldn’t say rescued so much as converted against our will.
Remann: Such a pessimist, brother. We were spared a horrendous death.
Aiden: To be granted with this curse of a life?
3. What’s the greatest challenge to being a vampire?
Aiden: The never ending desire for blood. It rules your thoughts day and night. And you don’t sleep, so not even that can be a retreat.
Remann: The cravings can be tempered. We drink donor blood or we take Feeders that volunteer it to us fresh from the source.
Aiden: A disgusting habit, I assure you.
Remann: You have never been one to condone logical actions, brother. Is it not logical that we should enjoy a natural meal from a willing body?
Aiden: *growls* We are not natural, we’re an abomination.
4. Wow, it’s interesting that you two have such opposing views to vampirism. So, who, I mean what’s your favorite snack?
Remann: The obvious answer would be blood, since little else compares. But I can think of something sinfully sweet that can only a woman can provide.
Aiden: Remann only thinks with his teeth or his c**k.
Remann: As if you were void of your baser instincts.
Aiden: I have priorities.
Remann: Ah, yes, ridding the world of nasty Dissenters. Those are feral vampires who prey on humans.
5. Both of you have such strong personalities. Which of you is the leader?
Remann: *laughs* Aiden would like to believe he is the leader, but I fear he doesn’t have the charisma.
Aiden: Are we finished with this yet?
6. How did you meet your author?
Remann: I met Olivia while on a walk, I believe. It was an early spring morning and she was walking these annoying little dogs.
Aiden: I was on a hunt, does it really matter.
7. What’s she like?
Aiden: She’s great, I have a hunt to get to so if you’ll excuse me…
Remann: *grabs Aiden’s arm* Don’t be an ass, sit down.
Aiden: Careful who you lay hands on.
Remann: You seem to believe your teeth baring threats intimidate me.
Aiden: I don’t need to intimidate you in order to take you out.
Remann: And when have you ever gotten the upper hand with me?
8. Um, so gentlemen, sorry to interrupt but our time runs short. How can our readers find you and buy your books?
Remann: Cobblestone Press (
9. Anything you’d like to add?
Remann: I apologize for my brother and I do hope you’ll ignore his impatience. I believe our mother must have dropped him on his head as an infant.
Aiden: We’ll finish this later Remann.


  1. Thanks for having Aiden and Remann today. They can be a bit of a any good man should be ;;)

  2. LOL -love the pickering brothers, Olivia. I agree - what woman wants a wimp, especially a wimpy vamp?

  3. Thanks Becca and exactly!