Monday, October 25, 2010

Please Welcome Elisabeth, a Witch Who Has Come For Tea

Hi Elisabeth, thank you for coming to visit with us today. We’ve had lots of wild characters about the place and I’m delighted to have another witch to chat with. Finally, someone normal!

First off, would you like some tea? Or maybe something a little stronger? And we have some delightful mini-chocolate cupcakes and finger sandwiches…no, not real fingers! The werewolf last week was highly disappointed to find cucumber and cream cheese only.

Ok, now, to the interview…
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, first, thanks so much for having me. The sandwiches and tea look absolutely delightful and I’m sure all of your guests have been delighted with your baking skills. About me, well there’s not much to say. I am what you could call, a cross stitch witch. My magic came quite by accident when one of our servants tried to cast a spell on me in the mid-1800’s. Somehow it was reversed and I became immortal with the ability to sew things to life.

I enjoy gardening, spending time with my love, Marcato, baking and, of course, sewing.

Do you find being a witch to be an advantage in everyday life?

It has its moments of worth, but for the most part, I do for myself. I do count my garden my special pride when it comes to my magic. The flowers are all creations of mine, every flower and plant lovingly sewn with my own hands—the same hands that wash my dishes.

I’m particularly interested in your cross-stitching…any projects going at the moment?

Well, Marcato asked me to make him some mittens since winter is coming here in Wisconsin. I’m considering adding a little something to them. He’s not like most men of this time who get all squeamish if their apparel has a bit of fancy on them. Perhaps a moose or something similar would be appropriate for my fine man.

Is there anything special about your work…magickal?

Most days, no. Although, I will modestly say that most people who appreciate the finery do see something beyond most others skills—but doing anything for 200 years makes for a certain level of perfection. My works only take on a magical tone during full moons. For some reason when I stitch during that time, whatever I am making comes to life. My gardens, for instance, were created over many moons. I have to be especially careful during those times not to create something that I’d have a hard time reversing.

If I were interested in learning more about cross-stitch, any suggestions?

I would recommend heading to your local senior center or nursing home to really learn the stitches. A good book is wonderful, but it is the human touch in crafts that make them worth doing.

I understand Stephanie Beck has been helping write some of your adventures? How did you two meet?

Stephanie, just a honey she is. We met after Marcato returned to my life. He met Stephanie through her work with his partner at the Demon Hunters Guild, Pammy. Apparently she writes about the Freak Sorority’s antics and after I read a few of those stories, I realized she was the one to ask to write down what happened with me and Marcato.

I hear she has something in the oven? Cupcakes?

Ha, she always has cupcakes in the oven! Or bread or something equally delicious. She’s also expecting a little boy in the winter. She’s in Minnesota so I know she’s been plying her own craft trade—knitting in preparation of that wonderful event. Don’t tell her, but I’ve got a mind to stitch a few plants for her children. No one appreciates beauty quite as much as children do.

If we would like to read more about you, how can readers find you and Stephanie?

Well, I’m not so much to read about, just a cross stitch witch who minds her business and is busy being in love with her man. But you can find more about Stephanie and her Freak Sorority at and also at So much technology, it makes me yearn for my days in the 1800’s…right until I need to use the rest room.

Thanks so much for sharing with us. Maybe we can get together sometime and share brew…err… stew recipes!

That would be lovely! I’ve got a wonderful recipe for a rabbit stew. And of course, since I understand you’re a California girl, we’ll have to add a side of good Wisconsin cheese curds to it as well. Thanks so much for having me.


  1. I'll just settle in over here and wait til company comes.

  2. Very nice interview. I am quite sure Elisabeth is being modest when she says there's nothing interesting to read about her. I will have to check out Stephanie's book though. Sounds yummy!

    Rie McGaha...fantasy that keeps you up

  3. How exciting to be able to bring your handiwork to life. I don't live that far from Stephanie. If I am really nice would you crosstich me some flowers to brighten the heart of the winter, Elisabeth? You could just give them to Stephanie, and I would gladly pick it up when I am over that way. A lovely old fashioned rose or an amaryllis would be great. Thanks so much.

  4. Elisabeth: Ah, Rie, you're too kind. I'm just a simple woman really who learned the hard way that simplicity is best. I do hope you'll pick up the book, that was the most excitement I've had in many years :)

    Elisabeth: Becca, I would be happy to stitch something for you. I have heard your sweets rival Stephanie's. I'm sure we could work something out.

    Elisabeth: Kate, thanks so much for hosting me. What a lovely way to start a gloomy day here...makes me want to break out my very colorful threads since my Marcato is working and I can't snuggle back in bed with him.