Friday, October 8, 2010

Please Welcome Siobhan Bishop from The Order of the Golden Rose

Hi Siobhan, would you please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, if you were to ask the nuns at the Catholic School I attended growing up, they’d probably shake their heads with sad regret, and say “Ah yes, Siobhan. Where did we go wrong with that girl?” These days I can be found in the Arcanum Bookstore, the occult shop I own in Harvard Square, Cambridge… or traveling to investigate mystical documents that people have a tendency to drop in my lap, accompanied by visitations from pleasant folks like the reincarnated murderous operatic diva who had a fetishistic obsession with sex and death, or the Aztec Sangre Angeles—“Blood Angels”—who ran a high class vampire sex resort, including a bed that doubled as a metaphoric sacrificial altar and an on-site dentist for filing teeth.

Those sound like rather intense adventures.

It’s been interesting, that’s for sure.

How do you cope with situations like that? Do you have—um, what would be the politically correct phrase?—“special talents” of your own?

You mean like my own set of fangs or angel wings or fire from my fingertips? No…I’m just a nice pagan girl who likes to read books. I do have a knack for astral travel, and some people have the idea that the Eye of Horus tattoo on my back gives me mystical vision, but that’s just silly gossip. Of course there is the sex magic…

Do tell. The grapevine tells us you have a very interesting boyfriend.

He’s definitely a special man. Professor Richard Blake of Harvard, but those are just his “above-ground” credentials. Off the record he’s a Magus of Golden Rose mysticism, one of the most intense forms of occult sexual magic ever created. Not to mention his profound skill with tantric sexual techniques, which have Sanskrit names that make my jaw ache just to pronounce them. Needless to say lot more is aching after an evening practicing them. But Richard’s finest qualities are his mind and soul. He is incredibly intelligent, caring, devoted, and has a sophisticated grace unlike any man I’ve ever known.

Dealing with the occult ever day must be tiring…do you have any tips for other overworked professionals?

I have to admit, it does get tiring at times. Particularly since when I fall asleep I have the tendency to experience wild and vivid visions…you know, more danger, death, sex and mysticism…so there are days that I wake up more tired than when I went to sleep. But really, it’s all in keeping perspective. The occult life is glorious like no other imaginable, filled with passion and revelation, excitement and fulfillment. Remembering that keeps me smiling.

How did you meet your author?

R. Paul? Oh, he was always hanging around the bookstore with his nose in the most obscure tomes possible. He’s a sweet man, even though when he talks it sometimes sounds like an encyclopedia has come to life. One day when he was browsing a 1901 copy of the notorious book “The Rose Missal”, which is full of the most beautiful but dangerous spells and poetry, I told him the whole story behind The Order of the Golden Rose, and he asked (a little shyly, but with his usual earnestness) if he could write and publish the tale. At first I wasn’t sure—I mean, who would believe the stuff that happens in my life? But in the end I said yes. Honestly, I thought he would have a heart attack when I told him about the later adventure I had with the Aztec vampires, not to mention the one after that about the woman who thought she was Lilith. But he just smiled and said “Only you, Siobhan.”

How can readers find out more about you and maybe buy your books?

“The Order of the Golden Rose” which was published by Passion In Print Press (PIP) is all over the place on the web. It’s actually a pretty accurate picture of me on the cover. The tattoo looks great. Anyway, readers can check out, or look up the title on, or just Google the author’s name, R. Paul Sardanas, for all sorts of other buying options. I’m told the second book, “The Blood Jaguar”, will be out in December. You can also visit R. Paul’s website,

Anything you’d like to add?

It was fun coming out of the shadows for a bit. Thank you for having me. If you are ever in Harvard Square, come by the Arcanum Bookstore and we’ll browse the most fascinating books in the world, then go out to the Algiers Coffee House for some Karkadale Hibiscus tea. We’ll talk about love, sex and magic. And don’t worry, I said goodbye to those nuns at Catholic School a long, long time ago. I won’t divulge a thing in confession.

I sure hope I get the chance to head over that way one day. It sounds like things are likely to get more interesting than just a cup of tea and a good book…although those are two of my favorite things. And that R Paul guy sounds hot! All those brains…oops my zombie side is showing
Thanks! Come back anytime and visit us.

The Order of the Golden Rose, A Siobhan Bishop Erotic Underworld Novel
by R. Paul Sardanas
available from Passion in Print Press

In a stunning tale set against the rich urban landscape of modern-day Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, occult book authority Siobhan Bishop uncovers a century-old secret society of sexual mystics. A rare edition detailing the dark, sensual practices within the Order of the Golden Rose has surfaced. On her quest for answers, Siobhan encounters charismatic Harvard professor Richard Blake, and passion ignites, plunging Siobhan into Richard's circle of hidden knowledge and transcendent eroticism. But does love stand a chance amidst the twisted obsessions of Richard's scorned lover, Olivia Dorian? Having tasted the sexually charged magic of the Order of the Golden Rose, Olivia will not be satisfied until she possesses all of the perilous knowledge of the erotic mystics—no matter who is destroyed in the process.

Coming soon…

The Blood Jaguar, by R. Paul Sardanas

Passionate blood and fevered sex—the second book of the Siobhan Bishop Erotic Underworld series ushers the occult book expert into the superheated world of a vampire subculture thriving on the Gulf Coast of Florida. A package from Miranda Thomas, a childhood friend of Siobhan’s, arrives at her bookstore and inside is a priceless 500 year-old manuscript detailing the history and rituals of Mexican Aztec magic. Miranda disappears, prompting Siobhan and her lover—Harvard Professor and fellow mystic Richard Blake—to travel to the Gulf of Mexico to pursue the mystery surrounding her lost friend. They discover a cult of sun-worshipping Aztec-inspired vampires operating a fabulously successful private resort where the rich and famous journey in secret to experience intense, erotic blood raptures. Siobhan, attempting to free Miranda from a dangerous liaison with the hypnotic cult leaders Don Cipriano and Dona Alejandra Rodriguez, instead finds herself drawn into temptations of ecstasy that flow like hot blood.


  1. Pleased to meet you Siobhan, Your adventures are awesome to read and parallel some of my own studies, I'm so glad you decided to allow R.Paul to write them up for us all to enjoy. I have pondered if Mr. Sardanas sounded as formal in person as he does in writing and you have even answered that question. I am awaiting with no patience at all the second in the series, I'm very excited to hear your adventures with the "real" vampires!

  2. I have The Order of the Golden Rose on my tbr list. That is one intriguing cover...and yes, I'm one of those people the covers suck right in!

  3. Hello Kristaline, so nice to meet you! R. Paul is letting me use his account to answer visitors here tonight. Yes, R. Paul is alternately formal (with courtly manners, can you imagine!) and sometimes displays a perfectly silly sense of humor as well. How wonderful that you'll be continuing to follow the events of my admittedly strange life in the second book of the series. The Sangre Angeles were amazing to come to know, from the 18-year old nihilist daughter of my old friend right on up to one of the Aztec Skybearers. Your own studies must be fascinating. The world of occult learning is not only an adventure, but a journey of the soul.

    Yours, Siobhan

  4. Thank you, Kate! I hope you enjoy the book. I love the cover myself, done by Deana C. Jamroz. A lot of people seeing that cover don't realize just how artistically subtle it is...I am lying not on a rug, but a metaphorical copy of "The Rose Missal", the mystical book that was the catalyst for not only the events of "The Order of the Golden Rose", but in my finding of my true soul mate, Richard Blake. There's a beautiful embossed rose by my feet in the picture, just as there is on the real book.


  5. This book sounds awesome! It's on my wish list for the next time I buy a bunch of books at Amazon.

  6. Thanks, Faith! R. Paul already bought a copy of "The Darkness of Sable" and gave it to me to put proudly in the Arcanum Bookstore. Of course I read it, and loved your story! Sable is my kind of girl.