Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Please Welcome Olivia Starke

Hi Olivia, Thanks so much for coming! Your new cover is gorgeous! I can't wait to get hold of the actual story.

1. So…what’s new? I am currently working on a kinky cowboy short story. And when I say kinky I mean of the BDSM variety >grins<. I also have a fast paced full length WIP that I’m really excited about. It has international flare, suspense, government corruption, and lots of hot nookie. Who knows, there might be a exciting car chase as well! I’ve recently put on the editor’s hat and am working for Solstice Publishing as an assistant editor. I’m also working as a proofreader at Breathless Press. I somehow fit this in with working as a reviewer at Got Romance! Reviews, and being part of a crit group of four lovely gals. Oh and I have a real life job to boot lol.
2. What initially inspired you to become an author? I’ve always had my nose in a book. Both of my parents were always reading, so it was natural. I’m not sure the exact ‘ah ha!’ moment, but it was sometime last summer. I took an online course with Lori Wilde on how to write romance. Next thing I knew I was submitting a short paranormal romance, and Cobblestone-Press picked it up.
3. What is your favorite book? And Why? My favorite book is The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. I read it in high school and it blew my mind. It was published in 1906 and is a political fiction novel about the working class in the stockyards of Chicago. I remember holding my breath in spots, and just becoming the characters in the book. I lived in their horrendous conditions, shared in their triumphs and losses, all by the magical way Upton wrote. And it was based on actual stories of these people, Upton moved into the immigrants’ neighborhood so he could share their experiences. The book had a huge impact on the meat packing industry.
4. Do you have a particular time of day to write? We love to hear about a writer’s process. Evening definitely I’m a night owl. I’m doing this interview at 11:30 pm to give you an idea. I usually hit my writing peak between 10pm-1am. Even if I have to get up early the next day, this is when I try to write. I do write through the day, whenever I get a chance, but it never has the oomph my late evening writing does.
5. What do you find to be the most difficult part of writing? Trying to get all the vivid characters and exciting action down into boring little letters and words and make them just as thrilling. I don’t think readers realize what a difficult process that can be. You are literally translating pictures to words—and it’s not always a smooth process.
6. Do you have a favorite author? Cupcake flavor? Upton Sinclair, Leo Tolstoy, Edgar Allen Poe, and of course my great little group of fellow author friends’ who shall remain nameless ;;) Oh and yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting! And don’t forget the sprinkles!
7. Tell us about your first published work. Actually my first published work was a poem I wrote in high school about the Holocaust. I was really embarrassed at the time that my mom had sent it in lol. I worked on my high school paper as well, and won some awards. As far as being a real author it’s Mind Games, a paranormal erotic suspense at Cobblestone Press.
8. Do you have a favorite of your own works? I’ll be honest after I write them I don’t want to think about them. I’m not sure why, I guess because I think omg I could’ve written that so much better—even if I’ve gotten good reviews. As I write them I think ‘ooooh this is my fave’ but as soon as it’s under contract and through edits I put it out of my mind.
9. Where can our readers find you on the web? I’m going to invest in a snazzy new website soon, but for now you can find me on Facebook and http://RomancingThePenToday.blogspot.com you can also email me at oliviastarke@ymail.com if you ask nicely I might even give you a killer molasses cookie recipe.
10. Where can they buy your books? www.cobblestone-press.com I’m also on www.AllRomanceebooks.com as well as another site, but I’m drawing a blank on it.
11. Anything you would like to add? Just say NO to pirated ebooks! You are stealing money from hard working authors.

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